About yubiDia

"yubiDia"is an iPhone version application software of CoreDia&CocoDia. It shows railroad's service planning diagram (graphical representation of working timetable) with inputting data from published timetables by users. "yubiDia" is useful for railfans who would like to know detailed operational situation for a section of railroad, when they take pictures, do station bashing, or other exciting activities.

Because the file format of "yibiDia" (extension is "sqlite") is compatible with that of CoreDia (greater than 0.7.0) which is running on MacOSX, two softwares can share files via iTunes' file sharing function. In addition, "yubiDia" can download/upload data from/to strage of Google Docs (user must have an account for Google Docs for downloading data, while they must have an account for Google Apps for Business for download/upload data).

  • Google Docs and Google Apps are services provided by Google Inc.

(fig.1) Ecosystem around yubiDia and other diagram softwares

The name of "yubiDia"

"Yubi" means finger(s) in Japanese, so meanings of "yubiDia" is "diagram editor/viewer operated by fingers". And another interpretation "yubiDia" is simply "Yet another UBIquitous DIAgram editor/viewer":)

Update history of "yubiDia" is available.