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Last Update 12-03-02

This web site is aiming to introduce softwares for Mac and iPhone, written by web master. You can download softwares freely from this site. Your kind comments would be welcomed. And softwares published in "KCTRANS Web Site" are still available here.

yubiDia for iPhone

Current version is 0.7.6

"yubiDia" is an iPhone version of CoreDia & CocoDia. The application software is available in App Store. "yubiDia" is a useful application software for railfans. It shows service planning diagram for a certain section of railroad, with inputting data from timetables by users. A brief explanation for the app is here. You can get usage of the app here.

Following improvements are made. (1)Shoten waiting time for showing diagram view. (2)Landscape mode is available in diagram view. (3)Improve stability while editing classification of trains. (4)Better conversion for OuDia file.

CocoDia for Snow Leopard

Current version is 0.7.2

Data editor and viewer application software for railroad operation diagram running on MacOS X. It consists of data editor "CoreDia", diagram viewer "CocoDia" and timetable viewer "CocoTable". Users input and edit data from published timetables or other materials on "CoreDia". "CocoDia" and "CocoTable" is responsible for showing data as diagram style or timetable style each. The file created on "WinDIA" and "OuDia" can be readable by "CoreDia", "CocoDia", and "CocoTable". Usage of software is here. You can also check update history.

The default file format for "CoreDia" is SQLite(extension is "sqlite"), and it is compatible with one for "yubiDia" running on iPhone. Users can transfer data created on MacOS X machine to iPhone via "Google Docs", and vise versa. You can see details here.

CocoDia for Leopard

Current version is 0.7.2

"CocoDia" for MacOS X Leopard. The last version for PPC machine.

CocoDia for Tiger

Current version is 0.4.9

"CocoDia" for MacOS X Tiger. All functions are included in one application software.

Pinxie & XiaoPinxie



ver UB1.2b1 is the newest version.

The software "Pinxie" ( pronouced PIN-SH-YE, for Macintosh only ) adds phonetic symbols to each Kanji( Hanzi ) characters in the text file. Symbol to be added is Pinyin or Zhuyin( known as Bopomofo ) to GB encoded text, and Pinyin or Katakana to S-JIS encoded text. A detailed explanetion for "Kctrans" is here (sorry Japanese only.)

Xiao Pinxie

ver UB1.0b1 is the newest version.

The software "XiaoPinxie" is a simplified version of "Pinxie". It transliterate word to word style, while "pinxie" text to text.

Kctrans & Gaijconv



ver UB1.2b1 is the newest version.

"KCTRANS" translates GB encoded text which is used in Mainland China, or BIG-5 encoded text which is popular in Taiwan and Hongkong to S-JIS encoded text which is common in Japan. And vice versa. A detailed explanetion for "Kctrans" is here (sorry Japanese only.)


ver UB1.2b1 is the newest version.

"GAIJCONV" converts codes which "KCTRANS" leave untranslated, to Synthetic Kanji Character ( SKC ) expression in S-JIS.


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